The Chapparone guarantee

Unmatched Quality Control!

Chapparone’s San Diego Auto Body Quality Control detail and Customer Service are second to none. Our Expert Staff inspects each work order line-by-line and reviews the paint & detail work. They also make sure the lights, door locks, radio, and more are in perfect working order. Then a final test drive is performed to ensure all work checks out before the keys are given back to you. Our San Diego auto repair service and “customer experience” is what separates us from the next shop. We are more than an auto body and collision repair company because our focus is your complete satisfaction!

World Class Customer Care

We understand and accept that the collision repair business is not a perfect, cookie-cutter business. We are in the automotive re-manufacturing business and circumstances can arise after the car has been picked up. We try to communicate this with customers as best we can upon picking up their vehicle so they don't need to feel uncomfortable bringing up any post-repair issues after taking delivery of their car. We will do everything in our power to satisfy our customers and we take the most pride in providing an excellent customer experience before, during, and AFTER the repairs.

Lifetime warranty

Because we work for YOU, and not your insurance company, we are committed to providing the best repairs and customer service possible. Insurance companies may tell their clients that if they choose their own shop for repairs that they will not warranty the work if something were to happen after the repairs have been completed. However, we provide a written lifetime warranty on all workmanship and service after our repairs for as long as you own your vehicle. We've been in business since 1974 and we've always stood behind our lifetime warranty since the day we went into business.

5 stars for 40 years
  • Samantha G. Avatar
    Samantha G.
    5 star rating

    Louie did a PHENOMENAL job. Someone sideswiped me causing the damage to my car. Louie explained the entire process of fixing my car. We went through my insurance after I had no hope of them covering the damage. He fixed EVERY dent and scratch seen. Replaced the completely and had... read more

  • Gee Yong J. Avatar
    Gee Yong J.
    5 star rating

    I got in a car accident during COVID and went straight to Chapparone Auto Body and had the BEST experience! He took my car in immediately, ensured my insurance company did not take advantage of the situation and gave my car back better than it ever has been! He also... read more

  • L C. Avatar
    L C.
    5 star rating

    Really impressed! From start to finish, everything was very professional. Mark clearly loves what he does and holds himself to a high standard. Louie was also fantastic. He sent me updates on the progress of the repair, which was great. The complimentary Uber ride was... read more

  • Meghan M. Avatar
    Meghan M.
    5 star rating

    Chapparone Auto Body shop is as good as it gets! From getting an estimate to getting my car back, I couldn't be happier. Let's start at the beginning. As a younger woman, it's nerve-wracking taking my car someplace new. Mark helped me get an estimate and helped me through the... read more

  • Looing F. Avatar
    Looing F.
    5 star rating

    Amazing Staff and customer service. They took my car in and took care of it like it was their own. I had an issue with a ding and insurance was kind of being a let down and did not want to take responsibility. Mark the owner and Louie just told... read more

  • Mira T. Avatar
    Mira T.
    5 star rating

    Louie was extremely helpful, honest, and friendly throughout my whole experience! Would definitely recommend for any car repairs needed, quick and quality service.

  • Sarah E. Avatar
    Sarah E.
    5 star rating

    I can not thank Chapparone enough for the wonderful job they did on my car! I had brought my car in after it was badly keyed for a new paint job and repair. Louie was so helpful and made me feel like I was in great hands, which I knew... read more

  • Conn D. Avatar
    Conn D.
    5 star rating

    Excellent service, excellent work, just excellence all around. I had a hellish nightmare with uhaul's 3rd party insurance company (someone hit my car with their uhaul and ripped off my front bumper, had to go through them to get the car taken care of), which resulted in my car being... read more

  • Andrea S. Avatar
    Andrea S.
    5 star rating

    Excellent customer service and the repairs were quick! My car looked brand spanking new!!

  • Ryan F. Avatar
    Ryan F.
    5 star rating

    Second time using Chapparone - great work as usual and fantastic communication and follow through. Had a little issue come up in the middle of my most recent repair and these guys with went the extra mile to work through it.Shout out to Louie - he's the man.

  • Sabrina W. Avatar
    Sabrina W.
    5 star rating

    This place has some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. Honest and caring to their customers. I had ripped my front bumper off () and I chose to go through my insurance company for repair. My husband had gotten a quote from them on another one of... read more

  • Jeressa B. Avatar
    Jeressa B.
    5 star rating

    Rick and his team are AMAZING! I came in to get my passenger door fixed because it had a huge dent and various scratches from an accident. Trust me when I say that you will not find a team more honest and reliable than Rick and his guys! They pay... read more

  • Fong L. Avatar
    Fong L.
    5 star rating

    COVID19 has not affected their superior service. Louis was super helpful through the whole process. He took over getting my insurance claim quickly approved. The repair was completed in less than 2 days. A week after I got back the car I found my roof rack scuffed.... read more

  • sasha m. Avatar
    sasha m.
    5 star rating

    We brought our car into Chapparone after a hit-and-run at a Costco parking lot. The whole left side of the car was smashed up and the guys repaired it (bumper/door/paint match) in less than a week and made it look brand new! The car is impeccable inside and out. Very... read more

  • Sandy S. Avatar
    Sandy S.
    5 star rating

    I unfortunately rear ended someone a few days after gettin my new car. This was my first experience with a body shop as a car owner so I was nervous going around town getting quotes not knowing what to expect. I got a quote from the owner Mark and he... read more

  • Britt H. Avatar
    Britt H.
    5 star rating

    Louie, Rick & Summer were amazing! Although, we all had an unfortunate experience with Turo, being that their guest was responsible for damages. Turo did not want to properly restore the vehicle and take care of the situation. However, Louie went above and beyond to say the least. After my... read more

  • Georgia J. Avatar
    Georgia J.
    5 star rating

    I stopped by to get a FREE quote for front end damage on my bumper. Rick Enge came out to look at my car. First of all, customer service and first impressions are very important. Rick was professional and very pleasant. He listened to what I wanted done and acted... read more

  • Matthew J. Avatar
    Matthew J.
    5 star rating

    Phenomenal job! Louie took care of me with fast and friendly service. Highly recommended!

  • Sean L. Avatar
    Sean L.
    5 star rating

    Great service, well explained and the estimate process was simple. Louie did a phenomenal job. Would highly recommend.

  • Hector C. Avatar
    Hector C.
    5 star rating

    I can't express how happy I am with the customer service, specifically from Rick. He was friendly and helpful through the entire process. The cherry on top was how amazing my car looks. The guys had a hard time matching the paint and ultimately did so beautifully. My car was... read more

  • Dan R. Avatar
    Dan R.
    5 star rating

    I have had the best customer experience ever here! I highly recommend anyone that wants the best to come here. My Mercedes E55 Wagon was swiped by a small truck. My car is rare and I was nervous it wasn't going to look factory again. I'm so happy to have... read more

  • Hector C. Avatar
    Hector C.
    5 star rating

    I can't express how happy I am with the customer service, specifically from Rick. He was friendly and helpful through the entire process. The cherry on top was how amazing my car looks. The guys had a hard time matching the paint and ultimately did so beautifully. My car was... read more

  • Justine G. Avatar
    Justine G.
    5 star rating

    I was looking to get a scratch removed from my front bumper and a large dent removed from the front portion of my car next to the windshield, thanks to something flying up and hitting my car while driving on the freeway. I received a few quotes from places in... read more

  • Lori L. Avatar
    Lori L.
    5 star rating

    Our family has used Chapparone Auto Body a number of times over the years. They have always exceeded our expectations!! Pride of workmanship has always been a hallmark. On this occasion they dealt with damage to our NEW range rover. It looks like new (again)!! Thanks guys!!!!

  • Leanne T. Avatar
    Leanne T.
    5 star rating

    Very honest. I had another shop tell me I needed thousands in repair. They wiped off areas with a lacquer and no repair was needed at all! They could have taken advantage of me, but didnt. Amazing!

  • Steve V. Avatar
    Steve V.
    5 star rating

    These guys do excellent body work and their service is outstanding. When I smashed up my beautiful 4Runner they took care of everything and fixed it up like new. I especially appreciated how they took charge of everything, arranged the towing, and contacted and engaged my insurance company... read more

  • Kim R. Avatar
    Kim R.
    5 star rating

    I just want to start out by stating AGAIN... WOW‼. A+++++. Seriously not just because of the work that they do there is always impeccable but the personal customer service that you get from them is the beat. About 20 years I have been getting work done at... read more

  • Pam T. Avatar
    Pam T.
    5 star rating

    The customer service is over the top here! They fixed my brand new Range Rover in no time flat and then washed it better than when I bought it brand new! Excellent prices - service and beyond quick turnaround.

  • Selena G. Avatar
    Selena G.
    5 star rating

    My car was side swiped pretty badly in front of my house. I was referred to this shop from multiple people. I have a 2012 BMW and from the second that I arrived to the time that I left, I had the absolute best experience. When I dropped it off... read more

  • Robert C. Avatar
    Robert C.
    5 star rating

    My mother brought her Lexus RX to Chapparone after someone hit her car. She was greeted by the owner Mark Chapparone who walked her through the process and helped her with an estimate of the damage. Super nice guy btw who my mom really appreciated. She arranged for a date... read more

  • Michaela M. Avatar
    Michaela M.
    5 star rating

    I brought my car in recently to repair a cracked bumper. Mark knew we were shopping around for estimates and offered to match competitor's pricing. He also took the bumper off to look at any additional damage that may have occurred so we knew just how much it would be... read more

  • Dani F. Avatar
    Dani F.
    5 star rating

    California's horrid highways attacked my front bumper and Chapparone did an outstanding job repairing and replacing my front bumper. The color and shine are perfect. The customer service was amazing. Shout out to rick. I'll be absolutely be coming back for any other work.

  • Paige B. Avatar
    Paige B.
    5 star rating

    We went here to get some body work done, and I can't say enough good things about this place. We worked with Rick, and he was very thorough and courteous. The customer service was great. Highly recommend!

  • Hector C. Avatar
    Hector C.
    5 star rating

    Unfortunately I'm back again, my rear bumper was vandalized. There's only one place I trust to match my paint color correctly and that's Chapparone of course. Mark and the team scheduled me in right away and had the car back to me in 3 days without sacrificing the quality of... read more

  • Michael D. Avatar
    Michael D.
    5 star rating

    I met Louie at the shop and he was friendly and cordial. He explained the process thoroughly and completely. I don't know much about the car industry, but I felt like he told me everything that I should know and expect. Its is not often that I would recommend someone... read more

  • Kyle L. Avatar
    Kyle L.
    5 star rating

    There is no other choice for body work in San Diego. I've taken my cars here multiple times and the work is always flawless and completed in an expedient manner. The two owners, Mark and Phil, are a true pleasure to work with and I always know I'm getting the... read more

  • Daniel R. Avatar
    Daniel R.
    5 star rating

    Louie is very knowledgeable, he did a wonderful job when it came to getting my car fixed. Cannot recommend him or the shop more highly!

  • Brianna A. Avatar
    Brianna A.
    5 star rating

    I have FINALLY found an auto body shop that I can depend on in San Diego. I have been having a lot of minor issues with my car, and Louie was able to help me out. He was able to explain everything to me, and he was so kind in... read more

  • Jeremy N. Avatar
    Jeremy N.
    5 star rating

    Brought my van here after getting rear-ended back in December. Rick and Summer were just so easy and friendly, I never felt pressured or ignored. They took care of insurance adjustments on my behalf and everything was smooth. The rear bumper was like new and they did a superb job... read more

  • Morgan O. Avatar
    Morgan O.
    5 star rating

    I stopped in today to have them look at a small area where it looked like the paint had been taken off. They were super friendly and helpful. Lo and behold all it took was 5 minutes buffing to get 95% off the damage off - and at... read more

  • Jonathan O. Avatar
    Jonathan O.
    5 star rating

    My BMW X5M was rear ended and the back trunk and bumper were completely wrecked. Not only did Rick, and Chapparone team, do an unbelievable job making my car look brand new again, but the customer service they provided was second to none.

  • Khala G. Avatar
    Khala G.
    5 star rating

    So glad I chose this place for my auto repair! Just moving to San Diego & having my first accident, I stopped here after doing research on Yelp, and am glad I did! All of the staff are nice & professional! Louie is amazing and very technical at his job!... read more

  • Rollan E. Avatar
    Rollan E.
    5 star rating

    My BMW was t-boned, and it looked pretty bad. Luckily, I reacted quickly and swerved, so the impact wasn't direct. I wasn't worried because that most of the car guys recommend Chapparone. These guys are meticulous, and insist on the best results for you. They just finished my car, and... read more

  • John O. Avatar
    John O.
    5 star rating

    This place has a wonderful atmosphere. Everyone is very friendly, and the attitude is "how can we help you solve your problem?" The customer feels that Chapparone is on his or her side. The repair they performed was flawless, and as I was checking out, I was told that the... read more

  • Carmen Aileen H. Avatar
    Carmen Aileen H.
    5 star rating

    I was in an accident that completely ruined my door frame, alignment, & part of my fender. I absolutely loved the service here, they made everything easy & convenient from paperwork to pick up. I really appreciated that they kept me updated on the progress of my car every step... read more

  • J. D. Avatar
    J. D.
    5 star rating

    Work to adjust my door trim was quick and efficient. Customer service was great even on a rainy day. Thank you Chapparone.

  • Paris T. Avatar
    Paris T.
    5 star rating

    I have been to a handful of auto body repair shops and luckily, Yelp pointed me in the direction of Chapparone. Which, without a doubt, has proved to be my best auto body shop experience yet. You can't beat the customer service Chapparone has to offer. I've always admired family... read more

  • Darren W. Avatar
    Darren W.
    5 star rating

    Somebody hit the rear bumper on the passengers side while my car was parked. My insurance company recommended a body shop to us...I checked them out on yelp and the reviews were bad and the pics of their work looked terrible. So I decided to find my own! Found Chapparone... read more

  • Renata I. Avatar
    Renata I.
    5 star rating

    I can't say enough good things about my experience with Chapparone, especially the owner, Mark! I recently moved to San Diego and had my car shipped via transport. During this process, my front bumper was ripped off and was practically touching the ground on the driver's side. After looking around... read more

  • Hu P. Avatar
    Hu P.
    5 star rating

    I was involved in a hit and run. I brought my car to an insurance recommended shop and they wouldn't give me an estimate. I got my estimate without an issue at Chapparone. I'm happy to go with Chapparone for the repair. They did a very thorough job and didn't... read more

  • R P. Avatar
    R P.
    5 star rating

    Everyone who we worked with at Chapparone was wonderful. They made the experience easy and smooth. The least stressful part of the entire accident ordeal for sure. Thank you, good people, for making it easy!!Shoutout to Louie!! He orchestrated the whole thing and fought with the insurance company for us... read more

  • Shawna W. Avatar
    Shawna W.
    5 star rating

    Had the best experience here!It was a seamless and stress free process from the minute I dropped my car off up until pick up. Chapparone handled all of the communication between my insurance company and kept me up to date on the status of my car without having to ask... read more

  • Ian R. Avatar
    Ian R.
    5 star rating

    If you're a car person and want the best autobody shop in SD, then look no further than here.... I'm a super car guy and really don't trust a lot of people and places with my car or motorcycle but I'd gladly bring any of my vechiles here. This... read more

  • Vincent P. Avatar
    Vincent P.
    5 star rating

    Chapparone took great care of my car when I brought it in for repair. Louie was thorough, professional, and friendly. I can't recommend him and the team enough!

  • Chelsea E. Avatar
    Chelsea E.
    5 star rating

    Found them on Google and I'm sooo glad I did. Got my car in and out of the shop in a matter of days. They work with the insurance company to make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape. My car was cleaned inside and out and the work... read more

  • Clarence R. Avatar
    Clarence R.
    5 star rating

    Another great experience at Chapparone Auto!I have been a customer for several years now, and for good reason. They have excellent workmanship and top notch customer service. Walking through my experience. My car was in an accident and I was not at fault. The insurance company required me to get... read more

  • Bob W. Avatar
    Bob W.
    5 star rating

    Can't say enough good things about these guys. Fantastic job and the truck looked better than the day I bought it. They even detailed the truck inside and out. Rick was great to work with. Kept me informed along the way and was patient with our... read more

  • Nick L. Avatar
    Nick L.
    5 star rating

    Can't say enough about this place. Beyond professional helpful and nice. The best experience so far, Louis was awesome.

  • Amy C. Avatar
    Amy C.
    5 star rating

    Chaparrone consistently hits the mark. We've taken 4 cars to this place over the last 10 years and every experience has been great. Just had them dial out my brand new Telluride and they did it both under budget and ahead of schedule. Don't bother looking anywhere else. Ask for... read more

  • José A. Avatar
    José A.
    5 star rating

    Just completed my second visit to Chapparone Auto Body for my RR Sport. Mark with his talented staff member Louie helped me restore the beauty of my car after a ding. Louie went above and beyond to deliver exceptional service - he listened carefully, and took a sincere interest in... read more

  • Daniel F. Avatar
    Daniel F.
    5 star rating

    I just picked up my car from Chapparone Auto Body to fix my rear bumper and quarter panel from someone hitting me in a parking lot. The car is black so I was a little skeptical with how the paint was going to look and might I just say that... read more

  • Jennifer D. Avatar
    Jennifer D.
    5 star rating

    I highly recommend this place, Rick took care of us and the car looked brand new! Rick was kind, professional and consistent, no headaches, great customer service and highly satisfied. Will definitely use this place again if needed!

  • Adrian K. Avatar
    Adrian K.
    5 star rating

    I crashed my 2019 Mustang (shut up, I know) and my insurance company recommended I take it to Chapparone. They did an amazing job on a difficult pearl paint and it came out awesome...better than new. Thanks for fixing the Orange Dragon

  • Alex P. Avatar
    Alex P.
    5 star rating

    I brought my black Jeep Wrangler here a few weeks ago to get a fender repaired on a USAA claim. First off, the customer service here is terrific. Specifically, Rick was very knowledgeable and made me feel at ease about the repair process and I had nothing but friendly, professional... read more

  • Kim S. Avatar
    Kim S.
    5 star rating

    Great in everyway! In April, I went to get my van fixed. This place was conveniently located by my work and on the preferred list of my insurance.
    When I got to the place, the receptionist warmly greeted me and got my van looked at immediately. They kept me...
    read more

  • Andrew E. Avatar
    Andrew E.
    5 star rating

    Don't bother looking at other shops, just go here.
    I took in my BMW M5 for windshield and slight body damage repair. The "other" place I went to wanted to do WAY more than what the car needed, even when I suggested otherwise.
    Chapparone agreed with me. They did great...
    read more

  • Lauren A. Avatar
    Lauren A.
    5 star rating

    Incredible service. Nothing but inedible customer service, care, and attention to detail from start to finish. They offered Uber ride to drop me off and pick me up when my car was ready. There were text updated on the status of my vehicle. It was finished and looks beautiful again... read more

  • Han N. Avatar
    Han N.
    5 star rating

    Had excellent experience getting an estimate for review. 3 members of the staff assisted me the moment I walked in. This was despite that there were 3 other customers who walked in at the same time. 15 minutes from door in to door out. ... read more

  • Keira D. Avatar
    Keira D.
    5 star rating

    Friendly service, had all repairs done very effeciently and did a quality work. Called me every step of the way to inform me of what was going on with that car. Everything went smoothly, it was a completely stress-free experience for which I'm very appreciative!

  • Bailey B. Avatar
    Bailey B.
    5 star rating

    Fast, efficient and friendly. Every time we have brought our vehicles here everyone is helpful and knowledgeable. Chapparone really knows what they are doing and they have great customer service. We don't trust our cars with anyone else. They're the best in town without a doubt. Bring your cars here... read more

  • Mike M. Avatar
    Mike M.
    5 star rating

    Very happy with the body repair work done on my car. Communication was very good during the process. Timeline was very accurate. Color match and blending work is impressive.

  • Noelle J. Avatar
    Noelle J.
    5 star rating

    I came here to get my car fixed through an insurance after and accident. They took car of my car. They also taught me how the insurance claims work and how to go about getting everything fixed. They even picked me up from the rental car company I went to.... read more

  • Bianca T. Avatar
    Bianca T.
    5 star rating

    Meeting by accident basically got me a brand new looking car again. Like, WOW! I hesitated for so long getting my car fixed until BOOM! Got hit again and decided to reach out to the "best of the best" and which they are. They took care of me and my... read more

  • Mike J. Avatar
    Mike J.
    5 star rating

    This place rocks! My wife found this place due to the positive reviews. EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE. Amazing customer service and even better work from these guys! Our car looks brand new!
    They give FREE ESTIMATES! They don't try to hassle you, they answered all of our questions in a timely manner. They...
    read more

  • Arlene P. Avatar
    Arlene P.
    5 star rating

    Thank you, Yelp. I understand why this place had such a high rating.
    They do estimates for free daily. They under promise and over deliver.
    Although I had a slightly difficult time understanding my estimator at first, and vice versa; while I was trying to redeem 2 YELP...
    read more

  • Wayne L. Avatar
    Wayne L.
    5 star rating

    Great repair and service! I took in my new Audi for a damaged rocker panel, and the car came back sparkling inside and out for less than the bids at the two shops Audi SD recommended.
    Rick and Summer were great. Because I could survive without a car...
    read more

  • Star D. Avatar
    Star D.
    5 star rating

    Im a little late with this review. This body shop did excellent repairs to my 2012 Rav4 that had been rear-ended. Summer the receptionist was very courteous and Tal the young man who did the estimate was very professional explaining the repairs needed, costs and time needed to do the... read more

  • Lesley W. Avatar
    Lesley W.
    5 star rating

    Cannot recommend this business enough! Everyone on staff was amazing from the minute I dropped my car off to the minute I picked it up. They made the process of getting my car repaired easy and stress free. Exactly what I needed after an accident. Do not think twice about... read more

  • Kridapee T. Avatar
    Kridapee T.
    5 star rating

    Not sure what to say yet, they haven't painted my truck yet. As long as they beat the price of mako in Chula Vista and do a good job I will leave a positive review.

  • Karen W. Avatar
    Karen W.
    5 star rating

    A friend recommend them to me and I'm glad they did! They were so professional and courteous through the entire process. The repair was flawless and the car was cleaner than when I first bought it! I now know why they get such good reviews. Go... read more

  • cyrus n. Avatar
    cyrus n.
    5 star rating

    5 stars. Yup. They earned it.
    Got in a fender bender and decided to take my car here. The reception was quick and painless. No appointment needed just come on by.
    Estimate was easy. They booked me an Uber and I was off to pick up my rental.
    They found more damage after...
    read more

  • Cindy N. Avatar
    Cindy N.
    5 star rating

    Someone hit my parked my brand new car in a restaurant lot and messed up my bumper and one headlight. Her insurance (USAA) gave me the name of a few body shops they recommended and I chose Chapparone because they were nearby -- and had great Yelp reviews.
    Now they'll get...
    read more

  • Valerie T. Avatar
    Valerie T.
    5 star rating

    I'm embarrassed to say that I have had the need to use Chapparone's Auto body service several times in the past few years and every single time I have had an excellent experience. Their customer service is top notch and their work is as well! From their front desk staff... read more

  • Ashton B. Avatar
    Ashton B.
    5 star rating

    This is by far the best place to go if you need work done, I had someone side swipe my brand new Honda Accord LX and I brought it to them. Not only are they super close to the rental car places which is super convenient but they did such... read more

  • Andrea T. Avatar
    Andrea T.
    5 star rating

    Brought my Audi here to get fixed up, as it was a highly recommended shop from multiple Audi enthusiasts. I couldn't be happier with the service provided. Tal, who was my advisor (again, he was also a recommended advisor) was an awesome help, he responded to my emails with questions... read more

  • Marleen A. Avatar
    Marleen A.
    5 star rating

    Had the best experience here. I was in an auto accident and they really took care of me. The staff was so friendly and inviting.
    I dropped off my car during my lunch. They offered and paid for an Uber to take me back to DTSD!
    Thank you for fixing...
    read more

  • Dorian B. Avatar
    Dorian B.
    5 star rating

    This is my second review on Chapparone Auto Body. I had purchased a newer BMW in the last year and I am very meticulous about taking care of the car. One day I was driving on the freeway and another car chucked a large object at my hood and windshield.... read more

  • Natalie U. Avatar
    Natalie U.
    5 star rating

    I can't say enough great things about Tal and the guys at Chapparone! From the moment my car was dropped off they were on top of the repairs & worked hard to get me my car back as soon as possible. They had great communication, made sure all parts were... read more

  • Kevin P. Avatar
    Kevin P.
    5 star rating

    Amazing auto collision repairs shop in the San Diego, so I have taken my two of my cars and had some body work done, I also referred my friend mohammad he had his car fixed too.
    But we both had same issue and only one complain with front desk lady, not...
    read more

  • Christian D. Avatar
    Christian D.
    5 star rating

    This auto body shop is awesome. They did amazing body and paint work. I couldn't be more happy with the work on my vehicle. Not to mention the great customer service. Ask for Tal if you need anything done to your car he was very helpful and quick to respond... read more

  • Lea F. Avatar
    Lea F.
    5 star rating

    As everyone knows it is normally very difficult dealing with auto body shops and mechanics. Everyone is super nice, communicative, and their quality of work is great. Keep up the great work crew!

  • Christopher C. Avatar
    Christopher C.
    5 star rating

    Highly Reccommend this Auto Body shop. They took a stressful situation and made it less stressful with their great customer service, constant updating and timely work! They went way above and beyond and we even recieved a thank you card in the mail after the work was done from... read more

  • Jessica D. Avatar
    Jessica D.
    5 star rating

    Everyone at Chapparone Auto Body was so helpful and nice. They did a great job fixing my car. Working with them was also super convenient. I decided not to rent a car while my car was in the shop and they paid for my uber to and from the body... read more

  • Daniel W. Avatar
    Daniel W.
    5 star rating

    I've taken two cars to Chapparone Auto Body and both times they were diligent about performing the requested work and always very friendly/helpful. I strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an honest company with fair pricing and quick turn around:

  • susan n. Avatar
    susan n.
    5 star rating

    Brought my 2016 Honda Accord in to get repairs. They did a great job! Louie was super friendly and helpful. He made my car look brand new again. I am beyond satisfied. This place is the best! They even sent me a thank you note for allowing them to repair... read more

  • M V. Avatar
    M V.
    5 star rating

    I took my car to Chapparone after reviewing all of the Authorized shops USAA is affiliated with. I was very impressed by all of the reviews and while there are couple of one stars, I realize there are people in the world that will ALWAYS find something to complain... read more

  • Linda J. Avatar
    Linda J.
    5 star rating

    I won't take my car anywhere else! Always the best no aftermarket parts! If you want to make your car good is New bring it here!

  • Muhammed Y. Avatar
    Muhammed Y.
    5 star rating

    The best auto body ever in SAN DIEGO, great professional work very easy going easy to reach them especially Tal , Mark & Lisa is amazing people they really love to help their customers, after my 30 day rental service expired they offered me a loaner car to drive temporarily... read more

  • Corey S. Avatar
    Corey S.
    5 star rating

    This place is fantastic! My whole passenger side panel got smashed from a girl who hit my car. Everyone was so friendly and kept me up to speed on the update of my car. The team went above and beyond and detailed my entire car inside out... read more

  • Maria R. Avatar
    Maria R.
    5 star rating

    Awesome service, super friendly staff and loved the shop dog!!!! I highly recommend this Auto body shop, it was so great and I had a great turn around on my Escalade!!! I will definitely be going back!!!!