Color Matching Paint

Custom Exact Color Matching Paint

At Chapparone, one of the leaders of exact color matching paint in San Diego~ We utilize many methods to ensure as close to an exact match as possible. Every paint has variances and different color tones and with the use of our applied techniques and deep industry knowledge we're able to achieve color matches that are considered the best in San Diego and across the industry.

Between our two paint lines, BASF, Glasurit and PPG Envirobase, we have compiled our own personal color chip library based on all the colors we have sprayed in house. We also have access to both manufacturers worldwide databases so when we pull a color code we are able to view which exact chip has been used the most on a global scale

We utilize "camera shot technology" with our paint camera which is a cutting edge innovative tool that grabs images of the paint on your exact car and generates the exact mixing ratio for your color. The same color of your car has up to 50 variances and can turn out different based on which factory it was painted in, the air conditions, temperature and humidity, even where the car stands in the production line. So we know no two colors are the same in many instances and have developed technologies to remedy for that.

We also use "color tinting" and "blending" techniques to ensure the best possible match for your car. We never just take the paint code assigned to your car, mix the paint, then spray. We need to ensure the color we make is the closest possible shade and we take every extra step and precaution of doing so.

The use of "test panels" is also an important step in the color matching process. The color variance chip could look a certain way but with changing paint toners and technologies we can see slight variances which can affect finish product. The use of test panels gives us a trial run as to what the finished product will look like when we apply the paint to your vehicle.

With the combination of highly trained and experienced painters, age old color matching techniques, and hi-tech state of the art computerized color matching equipment, we are able to match any color imaginable. From OEM paint manufactures’ colors to custom colors with our water based automotive paint, our painters are able to match anything. We have a passion for automotive refinishing here at Chapparone Auto Body and Painting. We treat every job as if it is a personal car and take our time matching every color whether it is a White Toyota or an Orange Lamborghini. We aim to be the best at Exact color match painting in San Diego and surrounding areas.

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