Computerized Estimating

Auto Body Estimate For Collision Repair

To ensure our customers get the fairest and most honest estimate, we use CCC One estimating and management software. This the best in the industry and fully integrated into our repair processes and procedures. It is the most user-friendly estimating software on the market and allows the customer to see exactly what is being repaired, replaced, and painted on their car.

Our estimating system allows us to cater to each car and each customer. Estimators using our estimating software have access to up to the minute dealership parts pricing for the most accurate estimate possible. This allows us to show the customer first hand why the price of the estimate comes to that total.

Repair procedures within our software insure a factory quality repair with information directly from the manufacturer. Internal CCC management software is an additional aspect of CCC that we use internally to accurately track and trace the repair status of your vehicle from drop off to delivery. This system allows us to educate the customer about their vehicle and illustrate that we are taking the right steps to complete the repair to perfection.

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