We Work With All Insurance Companies

San Diego Auto Body Insurance Information and Claims

You may have met us 'by accident', and most likely won't meet us until an accident occurs involving auto insurance, obstacles and collision repairs, and getting your car back complete and fully functional. Most types of auto damage we see include insurance claims. In fact, at Chapparone Auto Body, we work for YOU and your claims, not the insurance company. Also, we take Consumer Bill of Rights seriously. As a result, while a lots of things come into play with auto repair claims, we actively manage them for YOUR benefit and peace of mind. Many auto body shops may not operate by the same standard. And although your insurance company might recommend one of them, here's what you should know.

You have the right to select the automotive repair facility of your choice

In the State of California, you as a vehicle owner only have to get one repair estimate. Also, you have the right to select the automotive repair facility of your choice. That means you can choose any facility. In fact, you do not have to go with any of the body shops recommended by your insurer. And, that's encouraging. These shops align themselves mainly with insurance goals. Let's take a closer look at what this means for you.

We work with any insurance company, in your benefit.

Chapparone Auto Body is mainly an independent body shop. That means we work with any insurance company. Although, we do that For Your Benefit. In fact, we are not interested in saving money for insurance claims, in exchange for likely substandard repairs. And, insurance claims should fall in line with your safety and well being, every time. As a result, we provide only the safest and best possible repair service for you. We even include a Lifetime Warranty On Workmanship.

We only directly align with one insurance company currently: USAA. And, that partnership exists solely because we feel USAA truly cares for the well being and safety of their policy holders. We know their morals and commitment to the customer match ours. As a result, we stand beside them, as part of their STARS Direct Repair Program.

Chapparone negotiates directly with any insurance company, insuring you are getting proper OEM repairs covered.

- Chapparone Auto Body negotiates directly with any insurance company that's paying for the auto repairs, if you are the claimant. At the same time, we stick to our high standard of operation. In fact, when accepting insurance estimates, we use the initial, "low-ball" estimate only as a guideline. As a result, we simply use it to build on. Then, we write what we call "the supplement process." It serves to ensure everything that was related to your insurance claim/auto accident is repaired. Not only that. It ensures repairs can be done safely and properly. It ensures they can be done within original equipment manufacturer (OEM) repair procedures and standards.

Many insurance companies ask body shops to use aftermarket and used parts. Although, we don't believe that benefits you, the consumer. As a result, we want, at all costs to supply our customers with brand new OEM parts. In fact, we seek to do that for every repair. Also, we have a diplomatic system adopted and proven to be quite an effective negotiating tool. It provides us with added leverage to avoid the use of aftermarket and used parts.

At Chapparone Auto Body, you can expect prompt attention and expert handling of your insurance claim. You can expect new OEM replacements for damaged auto parts. Then, you can expect top of the industry results. You will drive away, with a car in top shape and that is our Garuantee.