We Work With All Insurance Companies

San Diego Auto Body Insurance Information and Claims

Did you know in the state of California it is your right as a consumer to select the automotive repair facility of your choice, regardless of the recommendations made by your insurance company?
  • We accept all insurance company estimates!
  • We often write estimates for insurance companies. On occasions they write their own.
  • When any additional work is needed, we inform the insurance company immediately, getting same day or next day approval, thereby keeping delays to a minimum.
  • By law in California the vehicle owner has certain rights: 1) he/she is only required to get one estimate, 2) he/she has the right to choose his or her repair facility. We recommend that your decision about where to have your vehicle repaired be based on the quality and dependability of the repair, rather than the amount of the estimate, because the final amount can and often does change due to hidden damage and parts price increase.
  • We are a designated San Diego auto repair facility for many insurance companies. We will write the estimate and bill the insurance carrier on your behalf.
  • If you are the “insured”, the deductible is your share of the repair bill, which by law, you are responsible to pay directly to the shop. Sometimes under specific circumstances, the deductible is waived by your insurance company. In such cases, the insurance company will pay for it.
  • According to California Penal Section 551 “It is illegal for any automotive repair dealer or it’s employees or agents to knowingly offer or give any discount intended to offset a deductible required by a policy of insurance covering a motor vehicle for making repairs to the motor vehicle.”