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  • Krystal D. Avatar

    5 star rating This place is amazing!!  My parked car was hit and needed work done.  I came here after reading reviews and sending out requests for quotes and a worker from here replied to me right away.  I came in for an estimate and the receptionist was helping a guest so I waited for my turn.  There was a bull dog there and he was super sweet!  The lady at the desk told me I would have to come back when I'm ready to leave my car so my trip was a bit of a waste but because of the cute bull dog that kept me company I actually was happy I stopped by haha!  I came back another day and left my car.  Conveniently there is a rental car place right next door.  
    Louie was the person who helped me with everything.  He provided updates along the way and also quoted other dings on my car as I was curious to get those fixed as well.  The insurance of the people that hit my car only approved me getting used parts so Louie made sure I got the best available.  When he saw the used parts in person he wasn't happy with the quality so he sent it back and got me new ones.  The finished work on my car was flawless and they handled all communications with the other insurance so the process was stress free.  A week later I even got a thank you note from Louie in the mail, I thought that was the nicest thing!
    I'm so happy I have a place I can trust if I ever need repair work done on my car again (hopefully I won't!).  My car is a 2010, nothing fancy, but this place still treated my car with such care and I really appreciated that.  Highly recommended!

    Krystal D. 12/07/2018
    Justin S. Avatar

    5 star rating So glad I made the switch to Chapparone, because I live in the area, instead of going with my insurance suggested shop. Going to make my review compact since most has been said already.
    What I loved:
    - Louie very quick at communication
    - Car came back shiny and detailed (and better shape than I left it, lol)
    - The dog got up from his/her bed, greeted me, and went back to sleep in its bed. What a friendly doggo
    Of course with all timeframe estimates, budget extra time as they are just estimates. The rule of thumb being that the longer the timeframe to fix, the more inaccurate the estimate will be.
    Last anecdote to note, as I was waiting in the lobby for them to pull up my Subaby, the front desk lady was talking about about an Aston. Good to know an owner an AM trusts these guys.

    Justin S. 11/15/2018
    Savannah M. Avatar

    5 star rating After getting in an accident I was able to get my car into the shop a few days later! They did a great job working with my insurance and getting everything covered, plus extra! I worked with Alisa and Tal during this process, and both were exceptionally professional and fast to respond to any of my questions. They made sure I was also updated about my car and responded to all my emails fast! I could tell they took their time in making sure everything on my car was right. There was a lot of damage and they still did everything really fast and it was ready within weeks. Its also helpful that enterprise is just a walk away and they do a discounted rate when your car is at Chapparone. Highly recommend!

    Savannah M. 11/14/2018
    Nicole S. Avatar

    5 star rating I went to Chapparone last month for a car repair due to an accident and they did an awesome job! Louis was extremely friendly and helpful, and my bumper looks good as new. I plan to take my car to Chapparone again if I ever need another repair.
    Thank you for the great customer service and repair job!

    Nicole S. 11/11/2018
    Tiffany R. Avatar

    5 star rating Amidst dealing with water and mold damage that had displaced me from my home, I found myself the victim of a hit and run accident. Suffice it to say it just wasn't my week. No physical injuries, thankfully, but having to foot the deductible for damage you didn't cause certainly leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. Thankfully, I knew the quality of Chapparone's work, as I'd had body repairs done on a different car nearly a decade ago. They were every bit as wonderful as I remembered and then some.
    Since they're conveniently located next to multiple rental car companies, I was able to pick up my temporary vehicle and be on my way. Louie updated me with an anticipated completion date the following day once they reached an agreement on damages with the insurance company, and then again when they uncovered some that were initially hidden from view. Things went smoothly thereafter and my car was ready on time. Despite having been through this process before, however, I wasn't prepared for just how good it would look. Not only is the caliber of their work top notch - everything from structural to paint was perfection - my car sparkled like new on the outside and appeared as though it had been fully detailed on the inside. There's something about getting your car back in better condition than before an accident that really makes your day. It even took the sting out of paying that deductible. Thanks, Chapparone!

    Tiffany R. 11/02/2018
    Richard J. Avatar

    5 star rating Fantastic service and quality of work. I've gone to lesser body shops and insurance recommended body shops in the past. They always leave you with something to be desired when you pick up your car. I will forever take my car to Chapparone for body work in San Diego from now on. These guys are prompt, honest, and do stellar work. Bumper looks brand new like the day I bought my car. There's a reason this family owned place has been in business so long. Look no further!

    Richard J. 10/31/2018
    Alessandra D. Avatar

    4 star rating The reason I'm not giving 5 stars is I ran into some major struggles with Rick and felt I received some awful customer service the first go around. He made some promises to me when I initially dropped it off and he inspected it with me that were not met, and he did not communicate or update me at all really. Frankly I did most of the calling to inquire after several days of no updates or estimated date of completion.  When I called again a day before to confirm my car would be done the date Rick gave me for completion, since I had a rented car, he said it could be done at the end of the day and they were rushing to get it done. When I picked up my car, it was incomplete and not painted in a place. My interior did not look like it had been cleaned very much at all, I was unhappy. Rick said I could call back if I wasn't satisfied, so I reluctantly went home unhappy and frustrated.  I called back and explained my problem to Rick no more than a week later and he agreed to reschedule a time for me to come in and correct a few things free of charge. That date came and passed with no call or contact from Rick due to me being hospitalized for a while. A month and a half or so later I reached out to the owner and informed him of my situation. He very quickly took care of me, explained in detail why some things were done and why due to the insurance company. He also apologized for the customer service I received and fixed the few things on my car plus gave me a base detail which was pretty nice. On top of that he took care of a rental car for me for a few days and accommodated my insane schedule with work.  They really took care of me well and went above and beyond the second time around. I would still highly highly recommend this place to all my family and friends.  They really do amazing work here and ensure their customers are satisfied. I know where I'm getting any other future auto body repairs/car details! 🙂

    Alessandra D. 10/22/2018
    Valerie R. Avatar

    5 star rating If I can give more than 5 stars I will!!! This is the best auto body! Came in for an estimate for a scratch and was greeted by very friendly staff including Rey the frenchie. Louie came and assessed the damages. He took my car and 5 minutes later it's good as new! And the most amazing part is he said it was FREE! I can't thank you enough for helping me. I will definitely tell all my friends and family on how great you are Louie and the whole Chapparone team. Thanks again and God bless!

    Valerie R. 9/17/2018
    Patty R. Avatar

    5 star rating As good as it gets!! I got in an accident last year, some guy rear ended me and I ended up hitting the guy in-front of me. My attorney recommend Chapparone Auto Body & Painting and I am so happy he did!! Mark took care of absolutely everything. He was kind enough to even call the insurance and take care of everything. I was setup with a rental car which is literally right next to them (so convenient) and my car was ready in about 2 weeks and looked better then ever 😉
    Mark and his team offer an amazing level of customer service and honesty, they make sure to go above and beyond.
    But the best part about Chapparone is the little cute frenchie, Ray!!
    Thank you guys!!

    Patty R. 9/14/2018
    Sophie X. Avatar

    5 star rating I used to use Penske, but after dealing with their rude manager, I decided to change to Chapparone. When picking up the car, I met Phil, he was so kind and very carefully removed the tape marks on my car, which he didn't have to. The car was very carefully taken care of. Never expected so good service! And their technician Tal is a effective guy too. I'll definitely recommend this place. I would rather choose better work for my car than some snack in Penske's office.

    Sophie X. 8/31/2018
    McKaela S. Avatar

    5 star rating I am so incredibly impressed by Chapparone! My neighbor had accidentally side swiped my car and was nice enough to tell me. Because of this, her insurance paid for the damages.
    What I was first impressed by with Chaparrone was the fact that I could just drop by and do a walk-in estimate. This made it easy for me to swing by on my way to work. How fast it actually took - I came in at 8:50am, and by 8:59am Louie had looked over my car, gave me a thorough explanation of the fixes he'd recommend, and provided me with a printed out quote.
    Louie was so easy to work with . He told me he recommended replacing my front headlamp and repaint my bumper and fender. I asked Louie if while they were painting, they could buff the scratches out of my front driver's side door, and he said it would be no problem. I also asked that if they were already taking out my headlamps, if they could recondition them - this was a stretch to ask, but Louie was so sweet and said it would be no problem.
    I was able to drop my car off on a Monday and pick it up by Friday, looking brand new. The whole process was so simple and easy on the customer, and the front desk receptionist was so sweet to work with. ALSO did I mention they have the MOST adorable French Bulldog that hangs out in the office to greet you at the door? I have two English Bulldogs so that was the deciding factor for me from the start - I knew this was the place for me!
    After getting my car back, I get a letter in the mail from Louie with a thank you for using them as my auto body shop repair choice, and a Starbucks gift card! How thoughtful. Highly recommend this shop - from start to finish, they were at the top of the game in professionalism while also being so customer-focused.
    Before and after photos attached!

    McKaela S. 8/14/2018
    Allen M. Avatar

    5 star rating I brought my 2017 Jeep Cherokee in after it was backed into in a parking lot. The back bumper had to be replaced and the back hatch also had to be repaired. I had no idea where to go since I was new to the San Diego area, but the Yelp reviews and ratings for Chapparone are very true to the level of work they do. Louie worked with me from start to finish and was so great to work with. The work was done in such a timely manner (only about 3 days) and I was very impressed with the end result. I'm very particular about my car and I can't even tell it had any body work done on it.

    Allen M. 8/13/2018
  • Stephanie H. Avatar

    5 star rating I shopped around to many auto body shops before deciding to take my vehicle to Chapparone. My 2010 RAV4 had been hit on the side, and the rear fender trim needed to be replaced, along with some paint touch ups. My first impression of Chapparone was great- the staff was very nice, and the office space was clean and welcoming. However, when I received my quote it was well above all of the others I received from other shops that day. In comparison, the price difference was under the cost of labor. So at first this was a red flag- and made me question whether I would use Chapparone . But, the more I spoke with previous customers of the shop, the more I was leaning towards using them because of the high praise in quality of their work. My claim ended up going through insurance so price was no longer an issue, so I decided to use Chapparone. I am very happy with my decision, as my car looks brand new- it was also cleaned inside and out. Chapparone's customer service exceeded my expectations, including the front desk staff and the uber drop off/pickups. My only complaint was that the work was expected to take longer than they quoted (and the insurance quoted) when I checked in halfway through the repairs. However, Tal and his team were awesome and worked with me when I had an unexpected work trip while they were working on my vehicle so I was quick to let them know no worries on the completion date and rushing to get it done. Tal also helped me out with another repair that needed to me completed. If you are shopping around I highly recommend Chapparone and will take my vehicle back for future repairs (hopefully none needed).

    Stephanie H. 8/12/2018
    John L. Avatar

    5 star rating I had my car keyed and needed it repaired. I have a very good eye for good body and paint work, i was in the trade for over 12 years.
    I got to say this shop exceeded my expectations. The paint work was extremely well done and they went beyond what was needed for the job.  On my car i noticed they even replaced the hood kidney grills that were almost falling off of my car before the repair. Many ahops will just remove and reinstall those parts. I am glad they can get the insurance companies to pay for that little extra touch.

    John L. 8/06/2018
    Muhammed Y. Avatar

    5 star rating The best auto body ever in SAN DIEGO, great professional work very easy going easy to reach them especially Tal , Mark & Lisa is amazing people they really love to help their customers, after my 30 day rental service expired they offered me a loaner car to drive temporarily thanks to Tal and team Chapparone Auto Body I highly recommended I hope Chapparone Auto Body gets more and more business. My 2017 TOYOTA Camry feels like new. Thank you so much again to all team Chapparone auto body & Painting.

    Muhammed Y. 8/01/2018
    Monica D. Avatar

    5 star rating I chose Chapparone Auto Body & Painting because of the excellent Yelp reviews and I am so happy that I did! Louie Avalos was my service coordinator and I owe him a huge thanks as I was initially thinking that I would need to pay for my new bumper and radiator myself, when he suggested I try to go through my insurance instead. I just did not consider it as I somehow thought it would not be covered. Well it was!! I not only saved myself money, but Chapparone (and Geico who I love) replaced the bumper, headlight covers, tire splash guards and radiator on my Nissan 350Z in less than a week and it looks awesome! The new bumper matches my pearl white finish, and my car was washed and looked almost new again (it's ten years old). I am thrilled I went to Chapparone because of reading the Yelp reviews and you should too. Not only that, but Geico covered my rental (a Dodge Challenger) and Louie from Chapparone sent me a handwritten thank you note with a Starbucks gift card too. What a great experience all around. Thank you Louie and the rest of the crew at Chapparone!

    Monica D. 7/28/2018
    Allie A. Avatar

    5 star rating Excellent customer service! They were very friendly and did a great job in a timely manner. I highly recommend this place.

    Allie A. 7/23/2018
    Mickey A. Avatar

    5 star rating I got rear ended at a stop light in my Lexus CT200H. I have had other work done on my cars at Chapparone in the past I knew already that this was where I would be taking my car to get repaired. The process of dropping the car off, processing the car into their system, securing a rental car at the next door rental kiosk couldn't have been easier. My rep Tal was kind and courteous throughout the whole process, keeping me privy to the goings on of my vehicle while it was in their possession. After picking up the car I have been very pleased. The new panels and gaps fight snuggly, paint work is impeccable and my car looks like new again. The whole process was easy with Chapparone and that is why they will always get all of my auto repair business.

    Mickey A. 7/19/2018
    Gerry W. Avatar

    5 star rating Great Business - Great Customer Service
    From the first call to the time we picked up the car, Chapparone and Louie treated us to a great customer experience.  
    We went in to have a bumper and window seals fixed; other shops quoted a lot more than Chapparone. Louie said we didn't need all that work others had quoted.
    When dropping the car we asked Louie if he could recondition the headlamps and with another minor issue with some engine area moulding. He said yes without hesitation. He jokingly asked "Anything else?" and I jokingly said, "Yeah, the engine block is dirty..."  He didn't quote us for the headlights but we generally knew what the cost should be and trusted that it would be a fair price.
    When we picked the car up, the bumper, the moulding, and the headlights were perfect - and the engine block was wiped down!  Louie didn't charge us for anything but we originally came in for. Amazing.
    Thanks, Louie and Chapparone. It's good to know there are still honest and trustworthy businesses out there.

    Gerry W. 7/12/2018
    Alice R. Avatar

    5 star rating I'm beyond thrilled with the work that Chapparone Auto Body did for me! I ran my Mercedes bumper into a pole and they ended up fixing everything to perfection and then some! Throughout the process, I was always greeted professionally and am so pleased with the entire experience. I'm recommending them to all my friends and family!

    Alice R. 7/09/2018
    Sylvia H. Avatar

    5 star rating Chapparone is an incredibly professional and courteous shop! I came here after getting into an accident, and not only did they repair my bumper, they detailed my car inside and out! The headlight restoration they did was excellent, and they even buffed out some other scratches my car had that wasn't even covered in the collision. Rick was incredibly helpful with updates throughout the process, and had my car fixed up in three days. The paint job they did matched perfectly, and I'll happily come back any time I have any work that needs to be done.

    Sylvia H. 6/27/2018
    Maria F. Avatar

    5 star rating Went to Chapparone paint and body shop. Best service EVER. went to several places for estimates to fix my fender, they were way over priced. Did lots of research, and saw that Chapparone paint and body shop, on Balboa, had 5 star rating all the way. Rick, my contact guy, made sure that everything was done to the letter. Plus, I had  scratches on the front light, others said have to replace... Not so, said Rick. First let us try to smooth it out. Guess what? Light was good as new, without replacing it, he saved me $300. They are the GOODS! GUARANTEED!!! My new Mazda 6 Touring's color was sooooo well matched, too. Love you guys

    Maria F. 6/26/2018
    John O. Avatar

    5 star rating Chapparone Auto Body & Painting provided me with a level of customer service and honesty that is unheard of in today's business environment. Some creep scratched "F**k You" on the side of my car. I sent pictures of the damage to several repair places. Some of the estimates were in the $400 dollar range and the best was $140. Louie at Chapparone wrote and said he thought he could rub the damage out for free. I took the car in and as they took the car to the back of the shop, I thought this is probably just a ploy to get me in the shop. Later he brought the car around and the vandalism was gone! He refused to accept payment. This has restored my faith in people after my anger at the vandal. If I ever have any car body or paint needs, I'm going to Chapparone.

    John O. 6/25/2018
    Iam G. Avatar

    5 star rating A huge thanks to Rick and the team at Chapparone for taking such good care of me and my car as well as working so diligently with my insurance company to make sure everything was handled correctly and efficiently. The professionalism and courtesy extends all the way from the front desk to the repair bays. There is no where else i would take my vehicle or advise anyone else to take their car for quality care!

    Iam G. 6/22/2018
  • Mart R. Avatar

    5 star rating After searching all over Yelp and asking around for reputable auto body shops, a few people told me to check out Chapparone.
    Talk about top notch service! I worked directly with Tal and he was very welcoming. Promised me that he would take care of my car, and that he did! He sent me status updates on my car along with pictures to keep me in the loop. As soon as it was finished, he called me, and i instantly rushed over. Tal and his team did an AMAZING job! If i could give them 10 stars, i would! HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    Mart R. 6/16/2018
    Jharmine P. Avatar

    5 star rating LOUIE! If you ever need repairs, I would highly recommend for you to ask specifically for Louie. He answered all my concerns and needs in a timely manner and got back to me as quick as possible. I really appreciated the customer service he's given me and on top of that they did an amazing job on my car! Thank you so much to everyone from chapparone!

    Jharmine P. 6/12/2018
    Katy S. Avatar

    5 star rating My brand new car got side swiped badly in the Naval Hospital ER lot by some jerk who didn't leave a note.
    Of course, I have a $1000 deductible so I wanted to make sure whoever was doing the work did it well and did it right. I initially had USAA send my claim to Rancho Collision, but left the place immediately after I got a shady AF vibe and the guy said it would take "at least two weeks to repair" due to "extensive, extensive damage." Saw Chapparones out the window across the street and found all the amazing Yelp reviews; I switched my claim to Chapparones that Friday night.
    Got a call from Chapparones as soon as they opened the following Monday. Brought my car in for the inspection that afternoon and Rick was incredibly helpful, down to earth, and real about it all. In about 20 mins I was out of there knowing my car was in good hands. Rick estimated 3-4 days and about $1400 to repair - way off from what Rancho told me!
    Rick called two days later to let me know everything was on track, and I picked up my car today (Friday). She looks great! They did a good job blending the paint since she's a pearl white. AND, like everyone else says here, they cleaned my car inside and out. She looks like she's fresh off the showroom floor! Not a dog hair in sight.
    So to sum up: if you get in a jam (literally) and need a trustworthy place to get the work done in a timely, honest, and kind manner - don't waste time and effort like I did by going to the other guys. Go straight to Chapparones and they'll take excellent care of you. Thanks guys!
    Bonus: they'll arrange for an Uber for you when you drop off and pick up.

    Katy S. 5/11/2018
    Isaiah L. Avatar

    5 star rating Though I didn't have my car worked on with them I appreciate their honesty. A few weeks ago my brand new Volkswagen Golf I purchased from VE Kearny Mesa was hit on the side and it took off the entire front bumper. Thankfully the tip was clean for the most part allowing me to put it back on easily there was however a small 1.5'' Mark left behind. The staff there gave me honest advice and directed me as to the best course of action. They even gave me a free quote to think about if I chose to get the mark removed. Thankyou chaparone.

    Isaiah L. 5/09/2018
    Boris K. Avatar

    5 star rating There is a reason why this place has such a good rating score. No, I don't know them personally... They really are THAT good! After taking my cars to numerous "high end" shops and having them always mess something up, Chapparone has met and exceeded my expectations. Work was done without flaws and Inna very timely manner. Louie was super friendly and made sure I was happy before I left with the car. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone! Thanks guys!!!!

    Boris K. 5/08/2018
    Charlie K. Avatar

    5 star rating Jeep Grand Cherokee was in an accident with some pretty hefty damage to the front end.  I can't say enough about how professional this place is.  The experience start to finish is so incredibly easy and painless.  The level of service is outstanding.  
    I have worked in auto for 13 years and have a very deliberate eye for body work and detecting poor repairs or paint imperfections.  These guys did an AMAZING job.  No tape lines, no panel gaps, no mismatched paint.  Truly a highly detailed and perfect job.  I could not be more impressed with the workmanship.

    Charlie K. 5/03/2018
    Vincent S. Avatar

    5 star rating Very professional! I stopped by without an appointment and they were able to help answer my questions and take care of my paint blemish in the clear coat. I would recommend them to anyone!

    Vincent S. 4/30/2018
    Lauren L. Avatar

    4 star rating After a few hiccups with pricing and quotes initially by other staff at this location, Mark (the owner) went out of his way to call me (after seeing my initial Yelp experience) and wanted to make things right and ensure I got the customer service I deserved. He kindly asked me to bring my vehicle back to the shop to go over a more thorough quote and explanation of the services they would perform on the car by him personally. Mark was accompanied by his uncle Chris whom also works at the shop. They both took a very thorough and detailed look at my car and provided a huge discount off the original quote due to the hiccups I previously experienced in my last 2 visits. He ensured that I was happy as the customer and he was willing to assist in any way he could within my budget to make it work for both myself and his business. I can't thank him enough for seeing my needs as a customer and going above and beyond for me, this doesn't go unnoticed. I think every company has those opportunities to stand out amongst the rest of the competition out there and, I can definitely say Mark and his shop went the extra mile for me. With our without insurance, these guys will work with you to help with your vehicle needs. I look forward to dropping my car off within this month and will update this review with some before and after photos as well. These guys are the real deal!!!

    Lauren L. 4/24/2018
    Van L. Avatar

    5 star rating I highly recommend Chapparone Auto Body & Painting! By far the best service I have ever received.  They are timely, kind, respectful, accommodating, affordable and go above and beyond.  When I go there, I feel like family!  If you want quality service and results, this is the place to go!  I have been coming here for almost 13 years and am pleased every time I come.  Exceptional staff, such amazing people!

    Van L. 4/16/2018
    Ron G. Avatar

    5 star rating I wish I hadn't had to see these guys as frequently as I have, but that's my fault not theirs. They always do superb work at a reasonable and fair price and their customer service is top notch. This is one company that truly deserves its 5 star rating.

    Ron G. 3/24/2018
    Christopher R. Avatar

    5 star rating I brought my Land Rover in for some bumper work. The front bumper was a mess. Too many crazy parking scratches. One of the scratches completed removed the paint. I was met by a super friendly staff and Louie the estimate guy. They jumped right on it and I was able to get it in right away. One of the nice things about their location is that Hertz is actually located in the same building. I walked 30 feet and received the "Chapparone Discount". You will need to tell the person at Hertz's front desk that you are getting work done at Chapparone. Next thing I know, I was out the door. A few days later, they called and said the car was done. (early) and to come by and pick it up. Beautiful work. So happy used them. Onward!!

    Christopher R. 3/08/2018
    Eric P. Avatar

    5 star rating This auto body shop was amazing. The quality of work done to repair my bumper was phenomenal. My bumper looks much better than it did before the accident. The attention to detail, the quality of service and the get personnel are reasons why I recommend Chapparone Auto Body & Painting!

    Eric P. 2/26/2018
  • Jd W. Avatar

    5 star rating I just picked up my 2017 platinum F-250 pickup after a older gent ran into me    This is like the third time I have used this company. I could have taken my truck to anybody since his insurance covered the damages!  As in the past the job is excellent and was on time as well. I could not be any happier!!!!

    Jd W. 2/22/2018
    Muharem D. Avatar

    5 star rating I just picked up my car from Chapparone Auto Body and I could not be happier. The shop kept me informed throughout my entire process, their customer service is top notch. They did an amazing job on the body repair, the paint match is spot on and my car was literally shining when I picked it up. Amazing people, amazing work... couldn't ask for more. Thank you guys!

    Muharem D. 2/19/2018
    Carolyn H. Avatar

    5 star rating My daughter recommended I come here after my 2011 MDX had been hit. I was so thankful she told me about this place. I got my car back looking even better than before it had been hit!

    Carolyn H. 2/16/2018
    Jessica L. Avatar

    5 star rating Over the past few years I've been coming here for paint/body work for all my vehicles. Tal always helps me, such a nice guy and he gets things done quickly. I am always happy with the job and how nice everyone is. This is the ONLY place I will refer my family and friends to go to, they've never been disappointed. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    Jessica L. 2/16/2018
    Logan S. Avatar

    5 star rating Very happy I chose Chapparone to work on my car for me. Great work done in a timely manner along with friendly staff. A few months ago I brought in my car to get the front bumper repainted and have the headlights replaced with new ones. Months later the paint still looks great and the headlights function properly. They even called an uber for me to go home/come pick up my car. This place will definitely take care of you!
    *My only complaint is that I never got my old headlights back, which weren't even damaged except for a scuff.

    Logan S. 2/06/2018
    Scott T. Avatar

    4 star rating They were very helpful and professional. They repaired my jeep at a cost of $9000 that was paid for by my insurance company. Unfortunately I experience problems after I drove away from their auto body shop. I absolutely realize that it's possible that they did not know there were additional problems with the vehicle. Service after the sale has been quite good.

    Scott T. 1/31/2018
    bryan g. Avatar

    5 star rating Two Visits in one Year.  New Tacoma and Mercedes repaired to perfection.  Service and Office staff were top notch.  Found comparable quotes that cut out steps in the paint finish.  These guys have been around for years for a reason.  Nothing's perfect but these guys are as close as it gets!

    bryan g. 1/31/2018
    Elaine B. Avatar

    5 star rating They did a great job on my Ford F-150. I came in for some surface scratches and they were able to get them out and had the ruck looking beautiful when it was done. They were able to have the job done in just a few hours.

    Elaine B. 1/30/2018
    Chris Q. Avatar

    5 star rating This place is the best. The work that is completed is top notch and the customer service is excellent. If you have the unfortunate need to bring your car there or you want them to detail your car, you are in good hands.  Thanks to Tal, and the rest of the team.

    Chris Q. 1/20/2018
    Lauren G. Avatar

    5 star rating Mark Chapparone Jr and team are excellent at what they do plus they are kind, professional and very responsive. My four month old, dark blue Mercedes  GLA was keyed down the passenger rear door. A hateful and senseless crime committed while I was doing some volunteer work, made feel sad and violated. Mark and his talented team took my car and in a short time fixed the scratch. Gave me hope in people again!  These guys know there work well. I will definitely use them again!

    Lauren G. 1/06/2018
    Zach B. Avatar

    5 star rating Scratched my truck pretty bad up north off road. When I looked at what happened I thought the truck would never look the same. I then brought it to Chapparone Auto Body.  After, The truck came out looking like it did back in 04' when it rolled off the assembly line. Chris and his crew were extremely professional and nice and answered any questions I had before and after the job was done. All that was needed was a polish and wax. They dressed up the interior and all, not a spot was missed.

    Zach B. 12/11/2017
    Katelin B. Avatar

    5 star rating Wow absolutely hands down the best service I have ever experienced from Rick! That man is amazing. He bent over backwards to help me out and make things as affordable as he could. He gave me great sound advice and lots of options to choose from. I almost left in tears he was so kind and genuine. You don't meet many people like that anymore. So thank you Rick and Chapparone auto body. You now have a customer for life.

    Katelin B. 11/29/2017
  • Alan T. Avatar

    5 star rating I was involved in a little fender bender and I needed a good body shop. The color of my car is normal but I was told that it will be hard to match due to fading. This was definitely not a challenge at Chapparone, they matched the color perfectly and it looks GREAT! I cannot be happier. The staff was very helpful and they kept me up to date with what is going on, when my car is ready. I brought my car in on Tuesday and they finished it on Friday; however, the bumper plaque had to be reordered. So I decided to pick up the car the following week. The staff was completely okay with it. Before I get into picking up my car, the shop is also conveniently located next to two car rental places so it's just a short walk. I don't need a rental but they offer complimentary uber service to drop you off wherever you needed to go. How great is that!? Anyways, when I got my car back, everything was great. They washed and detailed my car inside and out (I was not expecting that), and it's been almost a week now and I'm not sure what they used on my car but it is repelling water and it just feels really clean and nice. That's not the only good thing; my little incident occurred on the driver side rear bumper and unlike other shops that I've seen or had other cars worked on (where they only fix that corner), the staff at Chapparone repainted my WHOLE bumper. The passenger side of the bumper had hit and run and since they painted the whole bumper, it's as good as new! The only thing that I found wrong on my car upon pick up is that my exhaust is touching the bumper a little bit (not anyone's fault, I had my exhaust adjusted previously) so I told one of the staff and he was super nice. He told me to monitor it and if there is any issues with it, they will take care of it. If I ever need another body repair, I will come back for sure!

    Alan T. 11/04/2017
    Austin D. Avatar

    5 star rating Tal and his team went above and beyond my expectations. I am very picky about who I let touch my vehicles and I have no regrets leaving it in the hands of Chapparone. Keep up the great work!

    Austin D. 10/20/2017
    joey f. Avatar

    5 star rating Mark Jr. and the team down at Chapparone will take care of you. Super professional and courteous, do not hesitate to take your car here. I have found the body shop I will be taking all of my cars to in the future.

    joey f. 10/05/2017
    St G. Avatar

    5 star rating They're awesome. Don't hesitate and go visit this place. All the process was very fast & smooth and the work was nicely done. You can say that they really care and they know what they're doing. And if you're lucky enough, you'll be greeted by Mr Ray, their handsome little Frenchie 🙂

    St G. 10/04/2017
    Lucy P. Avatar

    5 star rating Brought in my car to the CAB, the day after someone backed into it. A few days later it was fixed. Chapparone even detailed my car. They did such an awesome job. My car looks brand new! Thank you, Rick! And they also have such friendly staff. Thanks to my insurance company for referring them. Great job, Chapparone crew!

    Lucy P. 10/02/2017
    Stephanie R. Avatar

    5 star rating This place is amazing!! I was rear ended in my brand new car and the entire rear needed to be replaced. My friend suggested Chapparone and I gave it a try. I will forever bring my cars here! As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who was super helpful and dealt with my insurance for me. Then there was the cutest French Bulldog (Raymond) just hanging out!!! He was adorable and made the experience that much better. I was impressed by how quickly my car was back to me and in perfect condition!! (They even vacuumed the entire inside and I have 4 dogs so there is hair everywhere!) Another bonus was the Enterprise a few doors down which made the drop off, pick up very simple.

    Stephanie R. 9/26/2017
    Sagar G. Avatar

    5 star rating This shop made my car look brand new. Couldn't be more pleased. The staff is very helpful and handled everything for me. Definitely recommend them!

    Sagar G. 9/15/2017
    Carlton J. Avatar

    5 star rating My daughter was in an accident that affected the right front end of the car - and all the way down the right side of the body. Additionally the car was in need of a major detail inside and out. The before and after photos speak for themselves! Mark Jr, Chris and the entire team continue to amaze me each time we go back. Thank you so much !

    Carlton J. 9/15/2017
    Shawn T. Avatar

    5 star rating My car got hit in a parking lot and the rear bumper was damaged very badly. I got estimates from multiple local shops but when I got to Chapparone, I knew this was the place for me and my car. From the start everyone there was friendly and extremely professional.  They really know what they are doing and they are so helpful through the entire process. I got my car back within two days and to my surprise it looked better than ever. Not only could you not tell my car was ever hit but it they returned it to me cleaner then when I left the dealership floor.
    From start to finish this process has been surprisingly amazing. No one ever wants to deal with fixing their broken or damaged car, but Chapparone makes it all a breeze. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a body shop! They are simply the best.

    Shawn T. 9/13/2017
    Katy C. Avatar

    5 star rating I was recently rear ended and referred to Chapparone Auto Body. We all know how difficult insurance companies can be to deal with and Chapparone made the process SO smooth. They handled everything for me and the repairs were beyond great. You can't even tell I was ever hit! I was quoted 2.5 weeks for the work to be completed and I had my car back A WEEK ahead of schedule. I would strongly recommend anyone who has been in an accident to visit Chapparone.

    Katy C. 9/13/2017
    Jace L. Avatar

    3 star rating I heard about this shop on yelp and went in the shop today for an estimation. I had a pretty bad scratch on the driver side and it torned my rear bumper off( one side screws were torn off but the other side seems fine). Since I just purchased the car and was only on minimum insurance coverage, I had to pay out of my own pocket. After a quick exam, one of the guys there gave me an estimation of over $3000 because they wanted to change a lot of parts on the back some of which, in my opinion, are not necessary. I went to another shop near it afterwards for another estimation. I received more professional customer service than the previous shop and they offered to change my bumper and fix  some of the small scratches for $250. I am still unsure why the price difference is this huge and if this shop will offer better repair service. I will update this review after getting more information.

    Jace L. 8/25/2017
    Maryann S. Avatar

    5 star rating 8/23/2017 This is an update to my previous 5 star review because today I realized that in addition to the excellent job they did on my car's exterior, they also fixed something else I hadn't even realized.  My windshield washer fluid hasn't sprayed for over a year because the hose was damaged.  I was going to have the dealer do it for $200+  But today, a miracle happened.  I bumped the arm and fluid squirted out!  The guys at Chapperone fixed it and I didn't even realize it.  All they were technically supposed to do was replace the fluid container but they fixed the whole thing!

    Maryann S. 8/23/2017
  • Caitlyn C. Avatar

    5 star rating The hood of my 2014 Mercedes ML350 was dented and scratched in 3 places after being struck by flying rubber on the highway. My insurance company suggested Chapparone Auto Body for repairs as they were a trusted auto body shop partnered with USAA. I could not have been more thrilled with the repairs and customer service! I dropped my vehicle off on Friday morning, received my estimate less than 2 hours later, and the repairs were completed by Tuesday afternoon. They even detailed the entire vehicle inside and out (which is quite a feat when you have 3 dogs who shed everywhere). I would absolutely take my vehicle back to Chapparone!

    Caitlyn C. 8/18/2017
    K E. Avatar

    5 star rating I cannot say enough great things about Chris and the team at Chapparone!  
    When having our cracked windshield repaired, the glass company cut a piece of our 4Runner.  We took it over to Chapparone and they took care of everything beyond our expectations.
    They worked directly with the glass company for all of the payments and approvals, kept us up to date on all of the details throughout the whole process, and went above and beyond touching up some other chips and a ding on the hood!
    When we picked up the car, it looked better than the day we brought it home from the dealer.  They took that extra step to detail it inside and out.
    I would highly recommend the friendly, professional and highly skilled team at Chapparone!

    K E. 8/11/2017
    Dan F. Avatar

    5 star rating Had a guy back into my Dodge Hellcat (she is my baby) and I was nervous about where to have it fixed.  Chapparone made it like it never happened and it was done in a week.  Very impressed and have already sent others their way and everyone has been very happy.  Nice to know there is a body shop that does it the right way.

    Dan F. 8/05/2017
    Haley S. Avatar

    5 star rating Great service. The staff was very friendly and kept me up to date in the process. I will absolutely be using them whenever I need work done on my car!

    Haley S. 7/31/2017
    Illyssa C. Avatar

    4 star rating They are such a great team and I haven't even got my car back yet. They don't mess around with the insurance companies and get the job done. They even went as far as calling the insurance company to set up the rental car for me. I definitely recommend them to everyone!

    Illyssa C. 7/06/2017
    Shari F. Avatar

    5 star rating This place is great! Dropped my car off on a Wednesday afternoon for some auto body repairs and it was done by Friday afternoon. Not only did my car look great from the outside but they even detailed the inside at no cost! Great customer service!
    I would highly recommend.

    Shari F. 6/30/2017
    Lance K. Avatar

    5 star rating Very very very professional and courteous repair facility. Brought in two repairs on expensive vehicles. Try did exceptional work and the areas I wasn't quite happy with they without hesitation fixed. Good job, highly recommended.

    Lance K. 6/28/2017
    Erick W. Avatar

    5 star rating Very pleased with their service
    I found them on yelp and the reviews don't lie !!!
    When I can to pick up the I didn't believe it's my car lol
    Hope not to come back this place 🙂 but highly recommend

    Erick W. 6/21/2017
    Jasper T. Avatar

    5 star rating Unfortunately I was in a fender bender but, I was fortunate enough to be referred to Chapparone Auto Body and Painting by a friend. Mark Jr. and his team went above and beyond with their services repairing my car. I dropped my car off on a Wednesday and it was finished by Friday and...they delivered my detailed car to my home as a wedding present!!! It was a hectic week and Mark Jr. understood that it would be difficult for me to come by and pick up my car during my wedding week. I would highly recommend their shop to anyone that needs body work and or paint done to their car. If I need any work done in the future I will be a returning customer! Thank you Chapparone Auto Body and Painting for their outstanding service!

    Jasper T. 6/06/2017
    Antony C. Avatar

    5 star rating Having just used Chapparone for the first time, I have been extremely impressed with the overall work & professionalism of their entire team. From the outset they were in constant contact with regular progress updates & photos of the work in progress. When my insurance company delayed progress they were pushing for closure to the final repairs. My car was less than 1 week old when involved in an accident & when the work was completed, it looked better than when I bought it!! 10/10 & highly recommended.

    Antony C. 5/30/2017
    Foodie S. Avatar

    5 star rating I recently had the entire front end of my car rebuilt by Chapparone following an accident and it was an excellent experience from start to finish. They are very responsive by phone or email and were able to answer all my questions. My work was covered by insurance so I can't speak to the cost of repairs, but when I asked them about replacing an additional part at my expense I was able to verify the price they quoted me was exactly at cost. The finished work was great; my car looks as good as new, and in addition they gave it back to me cleaned and detailed, even the interior. I would definitely go back to Chapparone and recommend them to others.

    Foodie S. 5/12/2017
    gregg s. Avatar

    5 star rating WOW, what a fantastic place.  From the staff to Mark the owner, they have gone over and above to make sure my car came out perfect in every way.  Forget Amato's or any other high end autobody shop for high end cars. My Porsche Turbo got damaged in the worse place for any car which is why when i did my research, it was Chapparone that I decided on.  Even Amato's in Sorrento valley told me to go there since they don't work on any car older than 2014. From a state of the art paint booth to Jozef the master metal craftsmen, this place is professional from the estimate to dealing with the insurance adjuster so don't bother shopping around anywhere else.

    gregg s. 5/09/2017
  • David D. Avatar

    5 star rating I can't emphasize enough how good of a job they do here. Not only is their attention to detail second to none but their customer service is top notch as well. This was my second time using their services and I have to say that I have been incredibly impressed both times. If you have body issues with your car don't take your vehicle anywhere else.

    David D. 5/05/2017
    Rachelle C. Avatar

    5 star rating What can I say..... Chapparone auto body and paint is FIRST CLASS!!!!!! From the beginning to the end, the process exceeded my expectations. I've dealt with several other body shops in the past and by far Chapparone is second to none!!!!! I own a Infiniti G37 convertible and had damage due to running over a ladder on the freeway, needless to say I had visible damage, but it was the non-visible damage that they were on top of!!! They definitely went the extra mile and I really appreciate the thorough work and attention to detail. Btw.... they are a USAA Star provider! Shout out to EVERYONE at CHAPPARONE. Oh and it's a FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS!!!!

    Rachelle C. 5/05/2017
    Lori L. Avatar

    5 star rating Car looks new!! I really appreciated the attention to detail.
    Great customer service!!

    Lori L. 5/04/2017
    Julie G. Avatar

    5 star rating I was extremely satisfied with the customer service! I brought my car in unannounced on a Monday morning and they made sure to get everything going for me right away. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. Furthermore, they kept me posted regularly. I wasn't expecting my car to be repaired for several weeks and they not only exceeded my expectations when it came to timeliness, but also when it came to quality. My car looked like new! They repaired all the body damage and deep cleaned the inside and outside of my car. Very satisfied.

    Julie G. 4/20/2017
    Kathy N. Avatar

    5 star rating We were referred to Chapparone from a friend after our car was hit while we were in the movies. On his recommendation we took it to Chapparone for body work.
    The people at the body shop were fantastic!  They were professional, quick and pleasant. Our car was fixed within two days as they promised, it was detailed so that it looked brand-new when we picked it up, and it was beautiful again!
    If we need autobody work again, this will be our "go to" place. They also dealt with our insurance company directly, USAA, which made it very easy for us.
    They were also within a block from Enterprise car rental which made it very easy for us to rent a car and return it.
    A very upsetting experience turned into a pleasant one thanks to Chapparone's professionalism.

    Kathy N. 3/25/2017
    Emad F. Avatar

    5 star rating This place is great they did an amazing job on my car love it!!!!! I wouldn't recommend anyone but them!!!!

    Emad F. 3/23/2017
    Francesca V. Avatar

    5 star rating Just had some work done to fix a damaged bumper and they did a fantastic job! Quick and professional service, even took 1 day less than they originally quoted and half the time other body shops had quoted me. The front desk staff is very helpful and friendly as well. While it was in the shop I asked them to do detailing as well and it's definitely the most thorough job I've ever seen! My car looks clean and sparkling thanks to this place, would recommend to anyone!

    Francesca V. 3/10/2017
    Bill S. Avatar

    5 star rating Brought our car here after being involved in a 0% our fault accident. Everyone here was great they took care of everything including dealing with  insurance company that was covering the repair. Couldn't be happier with the work or the customer service at Chapparone. I will recommend them to anyone who needs body work.

    Bill S. 2/14/2017
    Marisa A. Avatar

    5 star rating I went here looking for a quote after running over something on the freeway. My left splash guard under my jeep was damaged and hanging down so when I turned it scraped. I needed to do something since I was heading up to LA in a few hours.
    Rick went beyond my expectations in helping me! I know how expensive body repairs can be and how long they can take to fix. Rick came up with a great solution to get me on my way. Not even 15 minutes and I was out the door. I didn't pay a cent. Even after receiving the quote to replace it another day he told me it was completely up to me but was good to go.
    They're professional here and not after ripping people off. Honest and to the point. I'll be going here with any future auto body repairs (hopefully none in the near future).
    Thank you

    Marisa A. 2/10/2017
    Vito T. Avatar

    5 star rating All of the folks at Chapparone were excellent and professional. They dealt directly with the insurance company, and made sure that only OEM parts got used to repair my car. It looks excellent, they even detailed it inside and out. I can hardly tell where the damage was. Car was cleaner than when i bought it!!  I am still wrapping things up with the insurance company but Rick & Everyone made me feel at ease and very confident my car was in great hands.
    Thank you, will highly recommend to any friends and family.

    Vito T. 2/09/2017
    Beth B. Avatar

    5 star rating I checked out Yelp before selecting a shop to repair damage to my BMW.  Chapparone had so many good comments, I  decided to go with them.  They were also close to home.
    Chris took care of me.  I was told it would take three days, but the repair was not big, so they finished a day early, which made me very happy.
    This place did a super job on my car.  The service was great.  I  didn't have to wait long at  all for an estimate.  Everyone was exceptionally nice, and helpful.
    I definitely recommend Chapparone.
    Thanks everyone there for taking care of me.

    Beth B. 1/18/2017
    Brandon P. Avatar

    5 star rating Had a small scratch on my bumper due to a minor accident. Took my car in to get a quote for repair and was pleased to find out it could just be buffed out. They buffed out the scratch and polished it in 5 minutes. I went back to the front counter to pay and they said,  "Don't worry about it, Happy New Year." Outstanding service! Highly recommend to anyone!

    Brandon P. 12/30/2016